Tools, Charts and Advanced Stats

Player Profiles

All the data you want about about a player in an interactive detailed and easy to understand way

Want the basics in an quick and easy format? Access the snapshots here

board, conductors, circuits

Ratings Dataset

Search or sort through the entire league’s NHL 21 style skill ratings  to find the best players or teams in every facet of the game

Use as a powerful scouting tool to find players off a specific criteria on how they will contribute 

Rating Progression

Compare attributes between players and visualize the development of every part of their game through the years

Style Charts

Compare the styles of any player or team in the league or find the best combinations of players with completely interactive charts

board, conductors, circuits

Stylistic Dataset

Search or sort through the entire league’s stylistic data to find the players or teams that best fit a style

hall Of Fame Probability

Access the entire league’s history and find each player’s odds of making it to the Hall Of Fame or the odds that Hall Of Famers had as a player when they were inducted

Similarity Scores

Find the most similar players (or the most different ones) to each other

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